This natural confectionery improver is ideal for the preparation of muffins, plumcakes and soft cakes. Cakes Elite Improver helps to maintain the right moisture in the finished product. It also enhances the softness of the product up to 60 days of storage. This clean label improver increases the volume and improves the alveolation, which will always be homogeneous and regular. Cakes Elite Improver also increases the sensation of meltability, improving taste and chewability.


  • Natural and clean label improver

  • Enhances softness and helps maintain the right moisture in the finished product

  • Perfect for muffins, plumcakes, soft cakes


This product is certified by Halal Global, the Halal Product Control and Certification Body.

Logistic information


CODE 4451

10 kg Packaging

  • Food bag (Paper | Pe HD)  


  • 50 Packs per pallet
  • 9 Layers per pallet
  • 6 Packs per layer

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