Concentrated blend

Varieties of special breads

Multipurpose and convenient

Concentrated blend

Varieties of special breads

Multipurpose and convenient

What is Nucleo®?


Il Granaio delle Idee has created a revolutionary bakery product: the Nucleo®. It is a concentrated mix of different ingredients which can be used to produce various special breads, adding different percentages of the flour.

The traditional complete semi-finished products are made of wheat flour at 80%. Unlike them, the Nucleo® is only made of ingredients that gives color, flavor and stability to the baked product. The Nucleo® mix for bakery helps the artisan baker and his daily production, as it can be used with different dosages. Depending on the bakery product, the dosage of Nucleo® is designed to always obtain 10: in this way, it is possible to quickly calculate the right quantity of ingredients such as flour, water, salt and yeast.

  • 1 kg of Nucleo® + 9 kg of flour

  • 2 kg Nucleo® + 8 kg flour

  • 3 kg of Nucleo® + 7 kg of flour

  • 5 kg Nucleo® + 5 kg flour

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The use of the Nucleo®, a concentrated bakery mix of ingredients, has 3 main advantages for the artisan baker:

  • More storage space: it is less bulky than traditional semi-finished products package.

  • Economic savings: it saves on the cost of the recipe, as the professional baker adds the quality and the quantity of flour he prefers.

  • Customization options: bakers can continue to use their own flour, customizing the baked product.


The Nucleo® for bakery is a multipurpose product: it can be used with creativity in many bakery recipes. From focaccia to breadsticks, from shortbread pastries to croissants, you can experiment and renew your range of bakery products with all our Nucleo® mixes. Go to the news section of our website for some tasty ideas: Nucleo® Recipes.