Our R&D team

Passion for research and drive for innovation: our R&D laboratory works every day to develop innovative solutions and test the quality of our blends.


Our formula: innovation, constant research, passion

Constant research and great passion drive us every day to innovate in the field of artisan and industrial bakery. Our R&D department is constantly committed to research and development of new enzymatic blends - also customized - applied to the world of bread improvers. With our laboratory tests we verify existing products and recipes in order to improve their performance. We periodically test the shelf-life of the finished product to ensure a long-lasting performance.  For us, R&D also means constant control of our raw materials, with specific Quality tests that ensure the production of always performing enzymatic blends.

Why we make a difference? Twenty years of experience in the world of enzymatic technology, a strong drive for innovation and a team of technicians who work every day on the product, supported by the most modern scientific instrumentation.

Enzymatic solutions for bakery and pastry: our promise

With a strong predisposition towards new technologies and with the aim of reducing the use of chemistry in the bakery world, the company has specialized in the application of enzymes as bread improvers. We work only with 100% natural ingredients: no additives and no preservatives of chemical origin. This is why we are a Clean Label Company.

We have undertaken an innovative path to eliminate the widespread use of chemical emulsifiers in bread, pizza and cakes production. With our enzymatic improvers we ensure excellence on several fronts: better performance of the ingredients in the baking process, superior taste and structure and long-lasting shelf-life.

The clean label alternative to chemical bakery improvers

Our bread improvers are professional products that perform a specific technological function in food processing. They are natural blends which exploit the natural energy of enzymes from fungal and bacterial origin. They replace the use of chemical additives and emulsifiers, such as E471 and E472 in bread, bakery and confectionery products. Our enzymatic improvers allow to satisfy every need in the production processes of industrial and artisan bakery products.

The natural bread improvers by Il Granaio delle Idee are obtained using concentrated and not standardized enzymes: this allows us to obtain highly competitive recipes costs. In addition to the wide range of products in the catalog, we produce customized improvers in partnership with our customers: high performance and cost-competitive blends to improve production processes.

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