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Clean Label

The number of people who choose a healthy and balanced lifestyle is constantly growing, as is the search for products that are as natural as possible. Il Granaio delle Idee aims to best meet these demands in the sector of artisanal and industrial bakery, placing the nutritional needs of people in first place. How?


Clean label raw materials

The company has always focused on products that satisfy not only the desire for fragrance and goodness, but also in harmony with a healthy and genuine diet. In fact, according to the company philosophy of Il Granaio delle Idee, our bread-making blend are natural and clean label, i.e. without chemical emulsifiers or synthetic additives.


Natural ingredients for bread making

Il Granaio delle Idee has chosen to operate in the bakery sector with the awareness that, through innovative and responsible business choices, it is possible to affect people's eating habits to improve them. Not to mention that the benefits derived from the use of natural ingredients are not only in terms of health, but also in terms of taste. The natural ingredients of our products in fact, give aromas and flavors that lead to the rediscovery of the authentic flavor of bakery products and pastry.

Today as yesterday, the Granaio delle Idee is a Clean Label Company.

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