Clean Label

We are 100% clean label, and you? We use only natural ingredients and enzymes, with the goal of removing chemicals in bakery.


Born Clean Label: natural ingredients only

The company exclusively produces bakery mixes in line with today's health trends. Nowaday consumers usually follow a balanced and genuine diet, paying attention to what they eat and carefully read the food label.

For these reasons, we have always used natural and organic raw materials, for a 100% Clean Label production.  We do not use chemical emulsifiers or synthetic additives, which are harmful to health and must always be declared on the label. This is not a branding move, nor a marketing strategy. It is our philosophy and our company mission!


Experts in enzymatic technology

With a strong aptitude towards new technologies and in order to reduce the use of chemistry in bakery, the company has specialized in the natural application of enzymes as improvers of the production processes. This is an innovative path to eliminate the widespread use of chemical emulsifiers in the production of bakery products.

The enzymes used in our enzymatic blends for bakery are the result of an intense Research & Development activity and an accurate selection of the best raw materials. Laboratory tests verify daily functionality and activity of our enzymes. This allows us to formulate and produce innovative blends with unique quality and performance on the market!


The best raw materials and natural ingredients

Our suppliers are as important as our customers. We carefully choose and regularly visit partnering farms who share our same approach to their products, in accordance to nature cycles and organic farming.

Ancient bakery secrets and new technologies

We use the most up-to-date knowledge in biochemistry to experiment with new blends and explore innovative blends, inspired by the ancient tradition of Italian artisanal bakery.

Solid enzymatic know-how and continuous R&D

In order to reduce the use of chemistry in bread making, we are specialists in the natural application of enzymes as improvers in production processes. An innovative way to eliminate chemical emulsifiers from the production of bakery products.

The natural cycle of our products

We select the best ingredients, all from certified and proven quality suppliers. We also select our partners, in order to supply the highest quality blends and semi-finished products. We bring to the field the experience gained in more than 20 years of activity in the field of enzyme technology and enzyme use. We formulate specific blends for industrial and professional bakery, pastry and pizzeria processes, which are translated into finished products for end consumers.

A natural cycle that is reflected in our production chain: from natural ingredients, to skilful blending, to the best finished products.