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Volare® is the new complete pastry mix dedicated to large leavened traditional Italian cakes, such as Pandoro, Panettone and Easter Colomba Cake. It does not contain chemical emulsifiers and it allows the realization of clean label leavened cakes. The secret is contained in its innovative enzymatic formulation that naturally gives the finished product an extraordinary softness and freshness for longer.

Volare® is easy to use because it is characterized by two complete and ready to use mixes: Mix Madre, to be used in the first dough, and Mix Padre, to be used in the second dough. The artisan baker only needs to weigh yeast, water, sugar, eggs and butter. It does not contain flavours and allows the customization of the Panettone with flavours, aromas and inclusions.

With this semi-finished product, the dough will be more stable and easy to work. Leavened cakes will be characterized by an excellent volume and a wide alveolation. Volare® mix ensures freshness over time and extreme softness for your artisanal product.

  • Natural and chemical emulsifiers free mix.

  • Volare® is a complete semi-finished product.

  • Ideal for Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba cake, Veneziana cake and soft doughnuts cake.

Logistic information


CODE 418

25 kg cardboard box (2 bags of 10 kg + 1 bag of 5 kg)

  • Food bag (Paper | Pe HD)  


  • 18 Packs per pallet
  • 2 Layers per pallet
  • 9 Packs per layer

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