Live lactic ferments
for unbelievable baked goods

Pater® is a clean label bakery blend based on Live Lactic Ferments and yeast. It comes from an original and innovative formulation and is different from any other lactic acid ferment products on the market. Pater® assures the baker mind-blowing dough performance and highest quality finished product.



A blend of live lactic ferments and yeasts for making bread, pizza and many other extraordinary baked products.

Pater® Pasticceria

Pater® Pasticceria

A unique blend with live lactic ferments and enzymes, for large leavened cakes and croissants.

Pater® Pizza

Pater® Pizza

A unique blend with live lactic ferments and enzymes, formulated for Pizza and Focaccia.


Pater® Project is the result of intensive Research & Development work and our daily commitment to offer baking blends that are always unique, innovative and clean label.


Pater® was born from a unique formulation on the market, which allows for the first time to enclose in a dehydrated blend all the characteristics and functionalities of the sourdough. After selecting Live Lactic Ferments and Yeasts typical of the sourdough microflora, we combined them with an innovative selection of enzymes, creating a unique clean label baking blend: Pater®. This dehydrated blend helps the baker with a lot of formidable benefits.

What are the unique features of Pater®?

Compared with other lactic ferment products on the market, Pater® does not require refrigeration and is therefore easier to store. In addition, its live lactic ferments survive even when dispersed in flour, thanks to the unique technology. Here is a comparative analysis:

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Pater® Sourdough Dried sourdough Liquid starter Freeze-dried starter
Presence of viable lactic ferments Check Check Check Check
Viability of lactic ferments when dispersed in flour Check
No cold chain storage Check Check

The amazing results you can achieve with Pater®

Pater® finds application in clean label bakery and pizza making. It is a revolutionary product that brings significant benefits and ensures great performance for the baker, both during the production process and in terms of finished products.

Discover the benefits of using Pater® in bakery:


Super Performance


  • Correct amilolytic activity of flour
  • Modify non-starch polysaccharides
  • Modify lipids and strengthen the dough
  • Weaken/strengthen gluten depending on leavening time
  • Improve performance of gluten flour


  • Replace chemical emulsifiers
  • Compensate for fluctuaction in flour
  • Strengthen dough
  • Positive effect on yeast activity
    (frozen dough)
  • Gas retention (retarded dough)
  • Excellent machinability

Baked product

  • Increase melting properties and volume
  • Enhance flavour
  • Extend freshness preserving the freshly-baked qualities
  • Provide fine crumb structure and improve chewability
  • Provide excellent bloom
  • Improve fragrance and color of the crust


Pater®'s blend of live lactic ferments and yeast allows the replacement of the following ingredients and chemical additives that are normally used in baking. Find out which ones.

Chemical emulsifiers

The combination of live lactic ferments and enzymes in Pater® leads to the formation of natural emulsifiers. For example, lipolytic and biosurfactant properties are proven to replicate the effects of chemical emulsifiers such as E471 and E472, which are still widely used in industrial baking.


The biological activity of Pater®'s lactic ferments retards the retrogradation of starches, confirming their positive influence on bread staling and the possibility of increasing bread shelf life.


The lactic ferments in Pater® are involved in several biochemical processes during flour fermentation. These metabolic activities lead to the formation of key-flavour components, which contribute to the sensory perception and flavor profiling of baked goods.

Dried sourdough

Dried sourdoughs do not contain or contain very low levels of live lactic ferments. Pater® lactic ferments are viable and stable over a long period of time, even when stored at room temperature


The strains of lactic ferments in Pater® were also selected based on their ability to produce antifungal compounds. Thanks to their capacity to inhibit the growth of spoilage microorganisms such as molds, the lactic ferments strains in Pater® may represent a natural alternative to chemical food preservatives.