Il Granaio delle Idee

Our history

Il Granaio delle Idee is an Italian company founded in 1998 by the then twenty-five year old Federico Allamprese Manes Rossi.

The company works in the field of Research & Development, Production and Distribution of innovative blends and natural improvers for industrial and professional bread-making.

In 2018 Il Granaio delle Idee celebrates 20 years of goals, between innovation and creativity in the bakery sector.

Passion for bakery

The passion for the bakery world was already impressed in the DNA of Federico's family many years before his success with Il Granaio delle Idee.

His maternal grandfather, Ernesto Guardalben, was a well-known Venetian industrialist in the mills. With its premature death the company was closed, not having found someone who could carry on the business.

But despite never having met his grandfather, in 1998 Federico approached the business world, precisely in the flour and bread improvers sector. Thus he retraced the footsteps of his grandfather, who had been an innovative pioneer.

Technological innovation and enzymatic improvers

History, tradition and passion are the ingredients that have brought success to Il Granaio delle Idee, together with a great openness towards new technologies. With the aim of breaking down chemistry in the bakery world, the company has specialized in the use of enzymatic technology.

Laboratory tests and tests daily verify the functionality and activity of our enzymes, innovative mixtures of natural origin with quality, performance and unique costs on the industrial and artisanal bakery market.

Using the enzymes for our improvers, we have found today the key to the solution of criticality typical of the world of breadmaking always solved with the use of chemical emulsifiers.

Today, Il Granaio delle Idee is a reference company in Italy and abroad in the field of enzymatic improvers applied to bread making.

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