Our history

Il Granaio is a company specialized in blending that works globally offering a wide range of natural blends and clean label improvers, as well as customized consulting services. Bakery, confectionery and pizza making, both artisan and industrial, are our reference sectors.

Our roots: a family story

Our story begins with Ernesto Guardalben, grandfather of the company founder and well-known industrialist from the Veneto, Italy region. The first mill belonging to his family was built in 1890. 50 years later, Ernesto followed the family tradition by inaugurating his own mill, a pioneer and innovator in the Italian sector. Unfortunately, his innovative work in the production and mixing of flours was interrupted by his premature death, which led to the closure of the business. Despite not being able to meet his grandfather, Federico Allamprese Manes Rossi, the founder of Il Granaio, chose to follow the same path in the bakery mixes sector.

The company: born clean label

Loyal to the innovative spirit of his grandfather Ernesto Guardalben, Federico has undertaken his own personal journey in the field of artisan and industrial bakery blends. In 1998 he founded “Il Granaio delle Idee”, an Italian company which is now leader in the production and distribution of innovative natural blends and natural improvers. We were born clean label.

Today, Il Granaio proudly represents the Made in Italy production: an Italian company that selects the best raw materials and produces its own clean label blends in Italy.

  1. Year of the foundation

  2. Nucleo® Trademark registration and product category launch.

  3. Agreement with Walt Disney for a new bread: Panino Animato® (registered trademark).

  4. Launch of enzymes based improvers as bread making components.

  5. Launch of the first production line and internationalization of the manufacturing cycle.

  6. Acquisition of Organic certificate

  7. Development of the international sales

  8. Acquisition of Halal certificate

  9. Acquisition of HACCP (UNI 10854:1999) certificate

  10. Acquisition of ISO 22000 certificate

  11. Pane Funzionale Salus® Trademark registration and launch of Functional Food Salus® line

  12. FDA registration for export in the U.S.

  13. BRC & IFS certifications with the highest rating & ongoing international expansion of the Company

20 years of growth: experts in blending and enzymatic technology

In 2018 the Granaio delle Idee celebrated 20 years of success, between innovation and creativity in the artisan and industrial bakery sector. Tradition, commitment and passion are the ingredients that have led to the success of Il Granaio delle Idee, together with many years of experience in the field of enzymatic technology applied to the world of bakery.

What characterizes us the most? We are not a mill, we do not simply grind flour. We are the professionals of blending and mixing. This allows us to select every day the best raw materials and the best ingredients for the production of semi-finished products, natural blends and high-quality bread improvers.

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Our logo: the cornucopia of Il Granaio

Our historic cornucopia, which has always been the iconic symbol of Il Granaio, expresses the concepts of prosperity and luck. In 1998 it was a sign of good luck for us, for a young and already successful company.

But where did the name “Il Granaio delle Idee” come from? Traditionally the granary was the place where the wheat was stored before it was ground in flour mills. In our case, Il Granaio stores creativity and new ideas, a real “factory” of projects and expertise in the bakery field, which makes us always looking for innovation.

In general, our logo, our name and our pay off express the pillars of our work: nature in what we propose, tradition in the principles we are inspired by, curiosity in what we experience. Passion in what we do. It's simple.

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