Il Granaio Delle Idee attends the open day organized by Tim Zip in Zagreb

Il Granaio Delle Idee attends the open day organized by Tim Zip in Zagreb

Once again this year, Il Granaio delle Idee took part in the traditional Open Day organised by Tim Zip, the company that distributes its clean label products for baking in the Balkan area.

The event, organized on the 18th of April 2018 at Tim Zip headquarters in Zagreb (Croatia), hosted the company's national and international trade partners, which presented their new products in the bakery and pastry sectors. It was intended for customers and industries owners from Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.

During the day, our technical bakers made many technical demonstrations with the following products:


  • Natural Improver Panevivo, which increases the shelf life, softness and elasticity of the crust.

  • Natural Improver Enzymatico, which increases dough stability and provides an increase in volume and the "Oven Spring" effect.

  • Natural Improver Celluzymes, specific for products with fibers, stabilizes the dough and promotes an open-holed crumb.

  • Natural Improver Bruns, which gives a lighter or darker crust colour.


We thank Tim Zip for this important opportunity, which has allowed us to train on our products and our clean label philosophy, as well as to taste our products natural and free of chemical emulsifiers.

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