New complete mixes “Mix d’Autore”: Il Granaio delle Idee meets Molino Pordenone

New complete mixes “Mix d’Autore”: Il Granaio delle Idee meets Molino Pordenone

The Nucleo® Line by Il Granaio delle Idee meets the flours of Molino Pordenone, to create a range of extraordinary complete mixes for bakery. A meeting of two excellences that shares a common philosophy: fine selection of ingredients, continuous research and constant improvement. Our goal is to offer a line of high quality and safe bakery blends, that combine taste and nutritional values: the “Mix d’Autore”.


Innovative blends that ensure a constant quality to the bakers

In order to meet the demand for special products from bakery professionals, the Mix d’Autore line has been designed to provide artisans with easy to work mixes, with the guarantee of a constant result in time and quality. Quality also means attention to well-being: Mix d'Autore mixes are rich in natural ingredients, mixed seeds and assorted cereals. An innovative proposal for all customers who looks for healthy and balanced diet. In line with the philosophy of Il Granaio, this line of bakery mixes is clean label: they do not contain chemical or synthetic additives.


Mix d’Autore line: complete bakery mixes for special bread

The special bread made with this range of complete mixes add value and characterize the assortment of the bakery shop counter, offering the final customer unique bread shapes, aromas and tastes. From dark breads to bright colored breads, all these mixes are characterized by a plenty of mixed seeds and cereals that give taste and a pleasant tasting experience.


  • C’era una Volta (“Once Upon a time”): for the preparation of a traditional and genuine bread with a light crumb and rich in mixed seeds

  • 7 Cereals: mixed cereals flours and seeds, for very tasty and crunchy baked goods

  • Vitakorn: an intense and malty dark bread, enriched by the texture of mixed seeds and the sour aromas of rye

  • Breaty: for the preparation of rustic and malty bread, characterized by a crunchy crust, a soft and well alveolated crumb and cocoa aromas

  • Troppo Buono (“Too Good”): the bread will have an unmistakable aroma, a bright colored crumb and a crunchy crust, thanks to the mixed seeds and the turmeric

  • Soffio di Mais (“Corn Blow”): an explosion of crunchiness, taste and yellow color, it is ideal also for crackers and breadsticks