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Soffio di Mais

  • Soffio di Mais
  • Soffio di Mais

Soffio di Mais (“Corn Blow”) is a complete mix enriched in taste and texture by extruded corn and sunflower seeds. The bakery products prepared with this semi-finished mix surprise for their cheerful and bright color, in which the flavor of corn stands out. The Soffio di Mais mix is perfect for making crispy, crumbly and tasty loaves of bread. It is also ideal for the preparation of crunchy bread substitutes, such as crackers and breadsticks.


  • Complete and clean label mix.

  • Soffio di Mais bread mix is to be used with 100% dosage.

  • Recommended for crispy crackers or breadsticks.


Soffio di Mais (“Corn Blow”) is one of the "Mix d'Autore" (“Signature Mixes”): a range of exceptional mixes, created with Molino Pordenone.

Logistic information

Soffio di Mais

COD 476

Confezione da 10 Kg

  • Sacco alimentare (Carta | Pe HD)


  • 50 Confezioni per pallet
  • 9 Strati per pallet
  • 6 confezioni per strato

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