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C'era una volta

  • C'era una volta
  • C'era una volta

C'era una Volta (“Once Upon a Time”) Mix is a complete bread mix for genuine bread with a unique flavor, made even more special by the aromas of wheat sourdough. Enriched with sunflower seeds, flax seed and oat flakes, the bread will have a white and well alveolated crumb, rich in seeds.


  • Complete clean label mix.

  • “Once Upon a Time” Mix is to be used with 100% dosage.

  • Recommended for all types of loaves.


C’era una Volta (“Once Upon a Time”) is one of the "Mix d'Autore": a range of extraordinary mixes, created with Molino Pordenone.

Logistic information

C'era una volta

COD 4511

10 Kg Packaging

  • Food Bag (Paper | Pe HD)


  • 50 Packs per pallet
  • 9 Layers per pallet
  • 6 Packs per layer

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