Panett-1 Plus 2% pastry improver: recipe for artisanal Easter Colomba cake with sourdough

Panett-1 Plus 2% pastry improver: recipe for artisanal Easter Colomba cake with sourdough

Panett-1 Plus - from February in the new 2% enhanced formula - is the natural pastry improver created for large leavened cakes such as panettone, pandoro and Easter colomba. It enhances the characteristics of the finished product made with artisanal process and increases the shelf-life up to 8 weeks. It gives softness, improving the chewability of the finished product. The dosage is 2%, calculated on the total flour of the recipe, excluding the flour of the sourdough starter. Panett-1 Plus 2% is to be added only in the last dough and is available in compact 200 g packages.

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Recipe for Easter Colomba with sourdough

To get an even better result in the production of artisan Easter colomba with sourdough, it is possible to combine Panett-1 Plus 2% with the natural improver SweetEnzymes. This enzymatic blend improves volume and structure, giving stability to the dough. SweetEnzymes should be added at 1%, only on the flour of the second dough.


First dough ingredients

  • Wheat flour W 350/380 4 kg

  • Sourdough 1,15 kg

  • Water 2 L

  • Sugar 1,2 kg

  • Softened butter 1,2 kg

  • Egg yolk 900 g

  • Salt 8 g

First dough procedure

Knead the sourdough, the flour and the lukewarm water for about 15 minutes with first speed. Add sugar in three times, until completely absorbed. Wait until the dough has regained mass and then add the egg yolk until completely absorbed. Finally add the soft butter in 3-4 times. Final temperature of dough: 26°-27°C. Place the dough on a plastic basket for baker, place a small part of the dough (about 250 g) in a bowl for water and mark the level. Let the biga and the small part of the dough previously put in the bowl rise in the cell for at least 12 hours at 27°C with 65-70% humidity. The biga will be ready as soon as the dough has tripled its volume.


Second dough ingredients

  • Panett-1 Plus 2% 100 g

  • SweetEnzymes 10 g

  • Wheat flour W 320/350 1 Kg

  • Sugar 1 Kg

  • Egg yolk 1,5 Kg

  • Softened butter 2,15 Kg

  • Salt 42 g

  • Malt 25 g

  • Candied orange cubes 3,2 Kg

For flavorings

  • Vanilla pods n. 3

  • Grated peel of 5 untreated oranges

For the glaze:

  • Powdered white almonds 200 g

  • Sugar 600 g

  • Rice starch 60 g

  • Egg white Q.B.


Procedure for second dough

Knead the biga, the refreshment flour, SweetEnzymes, Panett-1 Plus 2% and the malted flour for 15-20 minutes until the gluten mesh is completely formed. Add sugar in three times until fully absorbed. Wait until the dough has regained mass again, add the egg yolk until completely absorbed and, finally, the salt. Add the soft butter in 3-4 times and the flavorings. Finally add the candied orange. Final dough temperature: 26°-27°C. Place the dough in a plastic basket for bakery and leave it to rise in proofing chamber at 28°C for about an hour. Shape into pieces as desired and let rise for another 30 minutes of rising and finally shape and place in molds. Leave to rise in the cell at 28°C with 70% humidity for about 4 hours. Glaze or cut the surface and bake at 180°C for 35-40 minutes - depending on the size. Remove from the oven, turn upside down and package the next day.