New enzymatic improvers for industry: from wholemeal bread to packaged cakes

New enzymatic improvers for industry: from wholemeal bread to packaged cakes

We have studied and launched 3 new natural improvers designed for industrial bread and cakes. Always faithful to our clean label philosophy, these new semi-finished products for bakery and confectionery are made of natural ingredients and are free from chemical emulsifiers. Three healthy and innovative solutions that will “clean” the label of industrial bakery products, often perceived as harmful to health due to the use of chemical improvers.


Celluzymes Bio completes the range of organic bread improvers

After Enzymatico.Bio (the universal improver for organic bread) and our Lievito Madre Bio (our dry sourdough that gives bread an unique fragrance), we launched Celluzymes Bio for organic wholemeal bread. It allows to obtain a dry and stable dough during processing. In addition, it significantly increases the volume of the bread during baking and ensures a well-balanced crumb. Celluzymes is specifically designed for rich in fiber and seeds bread.

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Cakes Elite, for cakes and soft cakes without chemical emulsifiers

Cakes Elite improver is ideal for the preparation of muffins, plumcakes and soft cakes without chemical emulsifiers. It helps to maintain humidity in the finished product, enhancing its softness when fresh but also during storage (up to 60 days). It increases the volume and improves the alveolation of the cakes, which will always be homogeneous and regular inside.

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Croissant Life, the healthy solution for packaged croissants

This enzymatic improver for industrial confectionery uses the natural strength of enzymes to make the finished product as soft as freshly baked. The packaged croissant will in fact stay fresh longer (up to 180 days) and will be free from chemical emulsifiers. With Croissant Life the finished product will have excellent rise and inner layer structure.

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