Mini baguette recipe with 3D Enzymes natural improver

Mini baguette recipe with 3D Enzymes natural improver

Il Granaio delle Idee proposes a classic of French bread making, the baguette, revisited thanks to a smaller and more inviting size. For the realization, the natural improver 3D Enzymes has been used, ideal for bread that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With 3D Enzymes Bread will be less chewy and have a longer shelf life, maintaining a very high level of softness. It is particularly recommended for all recipes that require mechanical shaping of the dough. A practical and fast recipe for tasty baguette sandwiches, to be stuffed as preferrred.

Recipe for Mini-Baguettes with 3D Enzymes natural improver


  • 10 Kg flour 270 W

  • 100 g 3D Enzymes improver

  • 300 g compressed brewer's yeast

  • 200 g salt

  • 6 / 6.5 l water



Mix the flour, 3D Enzymes, the yeast and 5,5 l of water at speed 1 for 5 minutes. Start speed 2 and, when the dough has become homogeneous, add the remaining water. A few minutes before the end, add the salt. Leave to rest for 40 minutes in the marl. Break into 50 g pieces and form short loaves, without tightening much. After 10 minutes, stretch the loaves. Let rise for at least 80/90 minutes in the oven at 30°C with 80% RH. Make two cuts on the surface and bake in a steam oven at 220°C. Then finish cooking with the steam valve open. The mini baguettes are ready to be enjoyed or stuffed as you like!


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