The result of our highly selected tests is a soft idea that offers a totally natural look at burger bread. BurgerEnzymes is the enzymatic improver composed of soft wheat flour and the combination of revolutionary enzymes studied, selected and verified by our R&D Laboratory. This type of product is specifically recommended for breads with a high fat and sugar content and for soft and seasoned breads.

Its performance makes it the perfect improver for the creation of soft and fragrant burger buns: the enzymes it contains allow you to regulate the leavening, while increasing volume and softness, also improving the color of the crust and the structure of the crumb. A different way to enjoy natural bread, allowing the undisputed king of "greased" sandwiches to be expressed at its best in taste and fragrance.

Here is the recipe for Burger Buns without chemical emulsifiers thanks to our natural improver BurgerEnzymes.



  • 10 kg wheat flour type "0" 270 W;

  • 100 g of BurgerEnzymes;

  • 400 g yeast;

  • 800 g of sugar;

  • 1 kg butter;

  • 250 g milk powder;

  • 200 g salt;

  • 5 l water.



Mix all the ingredients in a spiral mixer for 5 minutes at speed 1 and for 8/10 minutes at speed 2.

Leave the dough to rest for 20 minutes and form the sandwiches as desired.

Moisten the surface of the loaves with a damp cloth and sprinkle the sandwiches with sesame seeds.

Let rise in the cell at 30°C with humidity at 80% for about 100/120 minutes.

Bake at 230°/240°C with steam for 12/15 minutes.

The burger sandwiches are ready, enjoy!

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