Baguette made with Bruns and Enzymatico, 2 of our natural bread improvers

Baguette made with Bruns and Enzymatico, 2 of our natural bread improvers

Bruns is an enzymatic improver that adjust the browning of your bread in a natural way. Its main characteristic is that it generates glucose during fermentation, avoiding the problems of the use of the cold/frozen technique. Bruns is also perfect for reducing the "crust breakage" effect in the second baking of frozen bread. Depending on the dosage of Bruns, the colour of the crust can be adjusted to ensure a standardised production. Use it with our Enzymatico improver for the perfect french style baguette!

Here you can find the professional recipe with Bruns improver!



  • 5 kg flour type "0".

  • 50 g Enzymatico improver

  • 50 g Bruns improver

  • 150 g compressed brewer's yeast

  • 100 g Salt

  • 3 l Water



Mix Enzymatico, Bruns, yeast and 2.5 l of water at speed 1 in a professional kneading machine. When the mix is homogeneous, add the remaining water and switch to speed 2. A few minutes before the end of the process, add the salt. The entire process should take 15/20 minutes. Leave the dough to rest in a plastic bowl for 40 minutes. Divide the dough into 330 g pieces and form short loaves without pulling the dough too hard. After 10 minutes, extend the dough to a maximum of 60 cm. Let rise for 80/90 minutes in cell at 30°C with 80% RH. Cut the surface in 5 points and bake in a steam oven at 220°C. Cook for 25 minutes and finish cooking with the valve open.

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