Letter from the founder: meet my dream, meet Il Granaio

Letter from the founder: meet my dream, meet Il Granaio

Letter from the founder: meet my dream, meet Il Granaio


The birth of an IDEA is always the birth of a journey. You know where you start from, you imagine where you will arrive, and in between you find the unexpected, the surprise, the concrete TRANSFORMATION of what you previously had only in your mind... 24 years after the founding of Il Granaio, with this letter I want to tell you with an open heart about my idea, my journey and their evolution. 

Il Granaio is first of all a VISION. It is the passion of a boy who in 1998 decided to invest in a DREAM.

When for everyone food was a necessity, for us it was already CULTURE. And now that many people are looking for HEALTHY AND NATURAL foods, we use NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVES. Our RESEARCH selects only the best baking ingredients: ENZYMES, flours, lactic ferments... The blends we produce are the quintessence of innovation in our industry.

Our philosophy is CLEAN LABEL. We associate clear ideas with clear information: living well is first a matter of thinking, planning, processing, being informed, growing.

BREAD is an ancient product that has always been at the basis of our diet. It is a product rich in history and taste, appreciated by all cultures. At Il Granaio, bread also becomes a vehicle for wellness and a gateway to the future: in fact, our baking blends are free from chemical additives and in some cases specifically formulated to benefit people's well-being.

Today we are at a turning point. The society we live in can choose to improve its relationship with the environment and find BALANCE, distributing food wealth equitably, creating a healthier and more SHARED world. We want to do our part, make a difference, change our eating habits, eliminating the least useful and the most harmful to us and to the environment. HEALTHY means tomorrow, nature means FUTURE.

Il Granaio: a young company where opportunities are open to everyone, where ARTISAN KNOWLEDGE is one with the DIGITAL WORLD, where RESEARCH AND INNOVATION never stop because the dream has not yet exhausted its driving force!

Our idea is still on the road and the prospects of transforming nature's power are in everyone's hands... Have a good adventure!


Federico Allamprese Manes Rossi, founder of Il Granaio