New Pater®: a unique formulation based on live lactic ferments

New Pater®: a unique formulation based on live lactic ferments

A unique and innovative formulation that makes it possible for the first time to enclose all the characteristics and functionalities of sourdough in a dehydrated mix. Pater® ensures incredible dough performances and an high quality finished product.

What is Pater®: a formulation, a baking blend and baked products

After selecting Live Lactic Ferments and Yeasts typical of the sourdough microflora, our R&D laboratory combined them with an innovative selection of enzymes, creating a unique blend on the market: Pater®. It is in fact a dehydrated blend, ideal for the production of all types of baked goods without chemical additives: soft breads, crisp breads, pizzas, focaccia, Scrocchiarella Romana, crackers, breadsticks, rusks and more. Pater® is not only a formulation or a production process, it is also the name of the products that the master baker can bake, for example: Pater® Bread, Pater® Pizza, Pater® Focaccia, or Sanfrancisco® Bread... One-of-a-kind leavened products that win consumers over with their unique meltability, enchanting aromas and fragrance.

Lactic ferments benefits for nutrition: some reserarches

In the recent decades, several researches have demonstrated the performance of lactic ferments, especially in nutrition, rediscovering their potential and benefits to our organism. Western science has been rediscovering traditional food fermentation techniques, to bring back fermented foods that were consumed in the past and to gain benefits for our well-being. With its roots in the past, Sourdough is widely used today for the production of leavened baked goods. We have selected some researches and scientific publications that have studied sourdough’s potential and nutritional benefits.

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Why choose Pater®?

The extraordinary characteristics of Pater® baked goods are: unique meltability, chewability and fragrance; enchanting flavors and aromas typical of sourdough. In addition, Pater®'s Live Lactic Ferments delay the staling of baked goods, which will stay fresher, for longer. What's more, you can declare Pater® as sourdough in the ingredient list - or you can declare nothing at all, because enzymes and lactic ferments are technological improvers. This live lactic ferment-based baking mix brings several benefits to the baker: improved dough performance, room temperature storage and more.

Pater® can be considered the Holy Grail of breadmaking: a unique product, born from intensive research in the field of lactic ferments, but also from the will to rediscover authenticity and tradition in breadmaking.

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