A Clean Label Christmas: discover our mixes for large leavened cakes without chemical emulsifiers

A Clean Label Christmas: discover our mixes for large leavened cakes without chemical emulsifiers

Discover our clean label range dedicated to professionals, ideal for all year round large leavened cakes production. Our key words: easy to use, excellent results and clean label!


The complete mix for Panettone without chemical emulsifiers: Volare®

The season of our Volare® mix is back: the complete mix formulated for the artisan who seeks an easy-to-use mix and high quality finished products. Volare® can be used all year round for the production of Panettone, Pandoro and other leavened cakes.

  • It is composed of 2 mixes: Mix Madre, to be added to the first dough, and Mix Padre, to be used in the second dough.

  • The two mixes already contain the dosed ingredients, simplifying the work of the artisan and favoring an easily standardized result

  • Its innovative enzymatic formulation is the secret of its success: leavened cakes will be characterized by extraordinary softness and lightness

  • It is also available a recipe book to prepare leavened cakes from the Italian tradition.

Our natural sourdough specially formulated for large leavened cakes: Madre 150 Lievitati

A dried sourdough ideal for Panettone, Pandoro, Easter Colomba cake and other large leavened cakes. Thanks to its special blend of enzymes, it makes the dough more stable and easier to work. Madre 150 Lievitati is chemical emulsifiers free: thanks to the natural activity of enzymes, it gives the finished product unique softess and aromas, a large hole structure and an excellent volume. Add Madre 150 Lievitati to the first dough (150 g plus 850 g of strong flour). It is available in 10 Kg paper bags.

The enzymatic improver for large leavened cakes: Panett-1 Plus 2%

Combine Madre 150 Lievitati to the natural improver Panett-1 Plus 2%, formulated for large leavened cakes too. With the new enhanced formula, it gives softness to the finished product and increases shelf life up to 8 weeks. It also improves the chewability of your large leavened cakes. More practical, thanks to the new 2% dosage, it is available in 200 g pack size.


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