Volare®: the new mix for panettone without chemical emulsifiers

Volare®: the new mix for panettone without chemical emulsifiers

Volare® (“To Fly”) is the new complete pastry mix dedicated to the great leavened cakes such as Pandoro and Panettone. It is ideal for the realization of clean label artisanal products, because it does not contain any chemical emulsifiers. With Volare®, it will be very easy to bake artisanal leavened cakes to perfection. The secret is contained in its innovative enzymatic formulation that naturally gives the finished product extraordinary softness and freshness, for longer.

Get ready to... fly!


The advantages of Volare®: a complete easy-to-use mix

The mix for large leavened cakes Volare® is easy-to-use because it is composed of two ready-made mixes: MIX MADRE, to be used in the first dough, and MIX PADRE, to be used in the second dough. The artisan baker has to weigh only yeast, sugar, water, eggs and butter. Volare® mix contains no flavours and allows the customization of the Panettone with flavours, aromas and inclusions of your choice. It does not contain chemical emulsifiers either, for a clean label product.

Practical and versatile, Volare® mix is ideal for the preparation of Pandoro and Panettone. But it is possible to bake a lot of large leavened cakes all year round, such as soft doughnut cakes or Colomba (typical Italian leavened cake, usually baked during Easter period).


A chemical emulsifiers free Panettone, also soft and fresh for a long time

With this pastry mix, the dough of the panettone will be more stable and easy to work. Volare mix have an effect also on the finished product’s structure: it will have an excellent volume and a wide crumb alveolation. Volare® also ensures a unique taste experience: the large leavened product will be infinitely soft, will have a delicate taste and will leave a pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth. The final result will be stable and standardizable because it will not be affected by the variability due to the flour. Volare® is in fact a complete mix, already containing the flour necessary for the production.

Another key characteristic of this semi-finished product is the optimal preservation of the finished product: Volare® maintains the softness and freshness of pandoro, panettone and large leavened cakes over time.