New graphics for Il Granaio’s packaging

New graphics for Il Granaio’s packaging

Our packaging has been the subject of a graphic restyling to highlight our keypoints of 2020. We have expressed them through keywords in English. This choice is motivated also by the strong push towards internationalization that we are experiencing in recent years.


The keywords

The English keywords that characterize the packaging of our semi-finished products can be found on two strips that surround the bag: an upper band with a brown background and a lower band with yellow letters. Brown and yellow are in fact our official corporate colors. But which concepts do they express?

> 100% certified hygiene care: to express our constant attention to food safety, after obtaining BRC and IFS certifications this year.

>New bag with triple protective layer: we have chosen packages with a triple protective layer. A first paper layer, suitable for contact with food products; a second plastic layer, to protect the product from humidity; a third paper layer, for further reinforcement and graphic customization.

>Clean Label Company: since our foundation we are proud to be a clean label company. Our products do not contain chemical and synthetic additives. Thanks to our 22 years of experience in enzymatic technology applied to bakery, we produce professional and natural semi-finished products for bread, pizza and pastry.


Corporate logo

This restyling has enhanced the essence of our corporate image and our bags continue to promote the usability of information. All the technical information about the product (characteristics, ingredients and dosage) remain on the back. The new company logo, launched in early 2020, and the company pictogram, the cornucopia on a yellow background, distinguish the bags. The new bag will be used in the production of all our 10 and 25 kg sizes, both for our complete mixes and for the Nucleo® line and the enzymatic bread improvers.