Discover our new 2019 products for professional bakery

Discover our new 2019 products for professional bakery

This year Il Granaio delle Idee has studied and launched 4 new clean label products, thinked to improve the industrial and artisanal bread production. These new bakery mixes and bakery improvers are all made of natural ingredients and are free of chemical emulsifiers. Il Granaio delle Idee is in fact a clean label company.


The new ciabatta bread: rustic and malted

Following the latest trends in bakery, Breaty is our newest complete mix for bread making. With this bread mix, the artisan baker can prepare a crispy, rustic and malty Italian ciabatta bread. Enriched with notes of cocoa, the malted ciabatta made with Breaty reminds the taste of artisan beers.

Discover more characteristics of this product: complete mix Breaty.


Focaccia Romana: street food, in a healthy way

Focaccia Romana is the street food of the moment: tasty and fragrant, it can no longer miss in the offer of fresh baked goods of every bakery. With our complete mix for bakery Roma, you get a delicious Roman focaccia characterized by Type 1 Wheat Flour Type 1, made of 100% Italian wheat.

For further information: complete mix Roma.


Reduce Acrylamide using enzymes

Acrylenzymes is the enzymatic bread improver that allows to reduce the formation of acrylamide up to 90% in bakery products. The use of selected raw materials and correct baking methods can therefore help to reduce the formation of this unhealthy substance. This is very important, as the European Union has recently issued new regulations to reduce acrylamide levels in food.

Go to product page: Acrylenzymes improver.


The perfect cut of bread is now possible

The bread improver Easycut is the new frontier of enzyme-based bakery improvers.  It is particularly suitable for the industrial production of bread and bakery products. Easycut has been studied to maintain the shape in the phases of mechanized in-line cutting of bakery products. It also ensures a clean and perfect cut, while reducing waste.

Learn more: Easycut improver.