Good Morning wellness “buongiorno benessere” (rai 1 - television) visits Il Granaio Delle Idee

Good Morning wellness “buongiorno benessere” (rai 1 - television) visits Il Granaio Delle Idee

On the 22nd of March 2018 Pane Funzionale Salus®, the innovative light and healthy bread conceived and produced by Il Granaio delle Idee, was the protagonist of a stimulating day at the company.

iDonna, an Italian business network association with numerous affiliates, held a business event in our headquarter, in order to create new synergies and transform ideas and passions into business.

During the exclusive event between entrepreneurs, Federico Allamprese Manes Rossi, founder and CEO of Il Granaio delle Idee, presented the company. The topics of the meeting were the clean label philosophy, flours, ancient grains and bakery blends composed exclusively of natural ingredients. But the real star of the day was Pane Funzionale Salus®, the light and healthy bread with 7 authorized nutritional benefits, which helps to reduce cholesterol thanks to the presence of oat beta-glucans.

This day we have been also visited by Francesca Brienza, presenter and journalist, and the Buongiorno Benessere crew, a health and wellness broadcast on italian television channel Rai1. The journalist interviewed Federico Allamprese Manes Rossi and explained Salus, from the steps of preparation to the in-depth analysis of the ingredients. The intervention of the nutritionist biologist Stefano Sbrignadello was very precious. He underlined the importance of bread in the daily diet.


Special thanks to Buongiorno Benessere's team for the visit and to iDonna's organization for the useful and stimulating event.

Here the complete service of Francesca Brienza which was transmitted on the 31st of March 2018 on Rai1 during “Buongiorno Benessere”: