Training course "Panificando il domani"

Training course

Our training course was held in Pineto, in the province of Teramo, Italy, in collaboration with the company Elle & Elle, exclusive dealer for Abruzzo of bakery products branded Il Granaio delle Idee. The event, a technical demonstration intented for bakers and organized by our R&D laboratory technician, was enriched by a training session dedicated specifically to sales staff.

A training model that Il Granaio delle Idee has been using for a while that helps to improve, in those people who sell our products, knowledge and specific conciousness that facilitate an easy communication with the final customer  in order to be effective and engaging. We chose a training method that would allow us to tell the story of the peculiarities of the "bakery of tomorrow", illustrating to the participants the technical innovations of the bakery preparations and our natural improvers. Our innovative solutions are designed for a modern bakery, where, despite the use of the most advanced baking techniques, the use of chemical emulsifiers is not contemplated and where the clean label philosophy is the only high-performance production model.

A specific moment of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of one of the most recent and innovative proposals of our company: the Durum Wheat Active Sourdough, perfect to enhance bakery products with a warm amber yellow color. This product keeps the properties and the precious contribution of fiber, vitamins and minerals contained in the wheat germ and does not require the addition of yeast, as it completely replaces it.


In addition, we have decided to talk and to let people try new complete and prepared products (100% dosification):


  • Nucleo® Rustikò, the very tasty wholemeal bread, rich in fibres, contains sunflower and sesame seeds, oat and spelt flakes, recommended for loaves, crackers and breadsticks;

  • Nucleo® Contadino, dark bread made from a blend of rye and malt, with a characteristic toasted aroma and enriched with a crunchy crust, also suitable for making loaf bread, baguettes and croissants.


One more important guest at the demostration was our Nucleo® Curcuma, based on the homonymous spice of Asian origin that, combined with wheat flour type “0”, oat flakes and sunflower seeds, characterizes the taste of finished products with a slightly spicy flavour and is particularly suitable for the preparation of crispy breads, crackers and breadsticks.