The soft bread made with milk. The bread of breakfast with jams or nourishing snacks with chocolate. The bread that really smells like milk. Nucleo® Soft is the blend of the Granary of Ideas designed for adults and children that allows you to make exquisite soft loaves and delicate flavor. A product that harmonises fibre, nutrients and minerals, achieving, in the proposed dosage, a significant reduction in sugar content. Also this Nucleo®, like many others proposed by the Granary of Ideas, is available in the version without Palm Oil.

Our Research and Development Laboratory has also experienced the versatility of this Nucleo®, which allows not only to create tender sandwiches, but also to make tasty salty croissants, such as those described below in our recipe.



  • 800 g wheat flour type "0" 240 W

  • 200 g Nucleo® Soft

  • 500 ml water

  • 30 g brewer's yeast

  • 20 g salt

  • 400 g butter in plates for rolling



Mix all the ingredients for about 5 minutes at speed 1 (spiral mixer). Start speed 2 and knead for another 10 minutes.

Leave the dough to rest for 15 minutes and then roll it over with the butter, giving 1 fold of 4 and 1 fold of 3.

Spread the dough with the peeler until a thickness of 2/3 mm is obtained.

Forge the croissants and leave to rise in the cell at 26°C for about 4/5 hours.

Proceed with cooking.