Crispy corn breadsticks recipe with Nucleo® Mais Party Mix

Crispy corn breadsticks recipe with Nucleo® Mais Party Mix

Il Granaio delle idee suggests a new solution to bring to the table a crispy baked good: Nucleo® Mais Party, our bakery mix which contains corn flour and sunflower seeds. Among our Nucleo® concetrated mixes, this corn bread mix is ideal for crispy and crunchy bread, but also delicious breadsticks with an unique taste. Sunflower seeds decorate this mix, while extruded corn gives it a golden color and enhances its aroma and fragrance. Mais Party mix is an irreplaceable ingredient to bake delicious and unique breadsticks.


Crispy corn breadsticks with Nucleo® Mais Party


  • 5 kg wheat flour

  • 5 kg of Nucleo® Mais Party

  • 300 g fresh brewer's yeast

  • 250 g salt

  • 1 l of olive oil

  • 6/6,5 l of water



Mix the flour, the Nucleo®, the yeast and 5.5 l of water for 5 minutes at speed 1. Switch to speed 2 and pour the remaining water a little at a time. During the last minutes of the dough mix, add salt and oil. Total kneading time: 15/20 minutes. Final temperature: 26°C. Leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes on a previously oiled shelf. Cut the dough into strips about 10 cm wide. Spread them on bars sprinkled with extruded corn. Leave the dough rest for 40 minutes, covered with a cloth. Cut the tongues with a plastic scraper into 2 cm wide pieces. Pass them in the extruded corn. Stretch them until they reach the breadstick size and place them on perforated trays. Bake immediately with steam at 170°C. Cook for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 150°C and cook for 10 more minutes. Open the steam relief valve halfway through the cooking process.


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