Focaccia Romana with Riso Venere bread mix

Focaccia Romana with Riso Venere bread mix

Focaccia Romana bread: the famous Roman street food, very popular nowadays. Good and tasty, you can also prepare it with our concentrated mix for bakery Riso Venere. This mix for professional bakers based on Venus Rice, can be used in the production of bread, but also for other baked products: focaccia, cakes, biscuits, crackers, breadsticks... With this recipe, Il Granaio delle Idee rethink the Roman focaccia using our Nucleo® for bakery Riso Venere. Enriched with the typical aromas of Venus Rice and with an inviting purple color, the focaccia prepared in this way will be soft and delicious.



  • 2100 g Flour 300/350 W

  • 900 g Nucleo® Riso Venere

  • 6 g Brewer’s yeast

  • 2250 g Water

  • 90 g Salt

  • 120 g Oil



Knead the flour, the Nucleo®, the yeast and 1800 g of water at speed 1. When the dough has taken on mass, start speed 2 and add the remaining water a little at a time. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, add the salt and the oil at speed 1. When the mixture is finished, leave the dough in the cell at 18 °C for about 20 hours. Then, portion the dough according to the chosen weight and form small loaves to be left to rise outdoors for 2 hours at least. At the end of the rising process, crush the loaves with the fingertips, add a little oil and salt on them and bake at 220 °C.


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