Pumpkin focaccia recipe with Nucleo® Zucca bread mix

Pumpkin focaccia recipe with Nucleo® Zucca bread mix

In this professional recipe for Pumpkin Focaccia with Raisins and Walnuts, made with our concentrated mix for bakery Nucleo® Zucca, you can find all the "flavor" of autumn. This clean label semi-finished product is ideal for making tasty, pumpkin-based bread products. The milk inside makes the finished product particularly soft. Moreover, Nucleo® Zuca mix gives a bright and vivid color to bread, typical of this vegetable. 


Recipe for pumpkin focaccia with raisins and walnuts


  • 200 g Pumpkin Nucleo®

  • 800 g type "0" flour 260 W

  • 30 g compressed brewer's yeast

  • 20 g salt

  • 800 g raisins

  • 200 g walnuts

  • 160g Marsala wine

  • 0.5 l water



Soak the raisins in Marsala the night before. The day after, mix flour, Nucleo® mix, yeast, salt and water at speed 1 for 5 minutes. Start speed 2 and continue kneading for 10 minutes. Add raisins, nuts and mix at speed 1 until they are homogeneously distributed. Leave the dough rest for 20 minutes. Spread the dough in a baking pan of 60x40 cm, taking care not to tear the dough. Leave to rise in the cell at 30°C with humidity for about 90 minutes. Sprinkle the focaccia with brown sugar and water. Bake at 220 °C and cook for about 20 minutes.


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