Artisan croissant with Nucleo® Riso Venere Mix

Artisan croissant with Nucleo® Riso Venere Mix

A good croissant is what you need to start the day off right! For the production of delicious and gourmet Croissants, we recommend the baker to use our concentrated mixes for baking. Here we suggest a professional recipe for making irresistible artisan croissants with our Nucleo® Riso Venere mix, which gives baked goods a pleasant fragrance and a special scent. Moreover, this Nucleo® mix for bakery gives a warm and elegant color, with violet shades, thanks to the Venus rice inside.

Professional recipe for artisan croissant with Nucleo® Riso Venere Mix


  • 500 g Type "00" heat flour 360 W

  • 500 g Nucleo® Riso Venere

  • 200 g Sugar

  • 300 g eggs

  • 320 ml Milk

  • 40 g Brewer's yeast

  • 20 g Salt

  • 100 g Butter

  • For rolling: 500 g Butter 



Mix all the ingredients for about 10 minutes at speed 1 (spiral mixer). Start speed 2 and knead for 5 more minutes. Let the mixture rest for 30 minutes at room temperature and place the dough into the fridge overnight (12 hours). Laminate the dough with 500 g of butter, giving 1 fold of 3. Let the mixture rest for 30 minutes into the fridge end give the dought 1 fold of 4. Roll out the dough with the peeler until a thickness of 3 mm is obtained. Shape the croissants and leave to rise in the cell at 26°C for about 4 hours. Before baking, brush the croissants with water and sprinkle with brown sugar. Then cook at 180°C for 15 minutes, without using steam.

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