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granulated barley flake

  • granulated barley flake
  • granulated barley flake

Alongside the line of Nucleos for bakery by Il Granaio delle Idee, there is a line of decorations that allows bread and bakery products to be distinguished.

The grain of this bread decoration is light colored and allows you to customize the production of dark bread, with a unique and unmistakable touch. The Granulated Barley Flakes decoration also gives a pleasant mouth sensation, improving the consistency and crunchiness of the crust.

Barley has many beneficial properties: it is a cereal rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron and for this reason is considered an excellent remineralizer and energizer. It also has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties in the event of inflammation of the gastro-intestinal system.


  • The small light-coloured grains of the Granulated Barley Flakes Decoration create a strong visual impact in the dark loaves.

  • Ideal decoration for dark breads, such as Nucleo® Vitaminic.

Logistic information

granulated barley flake

COD 203

5 Kg Packaging

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