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Tailor-made bread improvers, specialized technical consultancy, lean manufacturing. We are a strategic supplier for the food industries looking for clean label solutions. An entire organization at your service!


Tailor-made bread improvers for the industrial bakery production

In addition to our wide range of products, we study semi-finished products and customized bread improvers for our industrial customers and the retail channel. Our Research and Development department works with more than 500 ingredients to formulate the best enzymatic bakery blends to meet the needs of industrial production: to improve the characteristics of the finished product, increase its quality, optimize the production processes and much more…

Rely on our experts and pur R&D technologists: they will listen carefully to your needs and create tailor-made enzymes mixes of the highest quality, taking into account your technologies and production processes. Our specialized technical assistance goes beyond custom product formulations, because our support includes product labeling and nutrition claims formulation.

Blending professionals and clean label products

We are not a mill, we do not simply grind flour. We are the professionals of blending and mixing. This allows us to select every day the best raw materials and the best ingredients for the blending of natural and high quality semi-finished products for bakery. All our production process takes place in Italy: this is why Il Granaio delle Idee proudly represents Made in Italy.

But why do we call ourselves a Clean Label Company? Because we work only with 100% natural ingredients: we do not use any additives or preservatives of chemical origin. We are experts in enzymatic technology applied to baking processes and we develop top quality enzymatic blends that ensure excellent results on several sides: better performance of ingredients in the baking process, superior structure, taste and color for the finished product, an increased and long-lasting shelf-life ...

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Maximum flexibility with Lean production and efficient logistics

At Il Granaio we believe that technology must accompany tradition, combining the values of artisan baking with the most modern and advanced production technologies. We are able to realize this unique combination thanks to the management of automated lines, organized on the basis of Lean Manufacturing principles. Our production department reaches the highest levels of flexibility in terms of rotation in the production of mixes and speed in the transformation processes. This involves the use of 4 fully automated lines, with 6 ribbon mixers of different sizes, for a total production capacity of 10,150 liters. Our great flexibility also applies to packaging solutions: we are able to package products in any format, from 100 g to 25 kg. Moreover, our bags are equipped with a special triple protective layer and guarantee a 100% certified hygiene care.

The optimization of processes is completed by high logistic efficiency and punctuality in our deliveries, whether they are small artisan bakeries or large industrial players. We operate with agility both nationally and internationally, with the support of the best partners specialized in food distribution.

International food quality certifications

For us, the compliance with international standards and regulations is very important. All our semi-finished products are in fact certified by the most important international bodies and are periodically audited by the various certification bodies. Il Granaio has a wide range of Bio Agri Cert and Halal certified products. Moreover, in 2019 the company obtained two of the most important food certifications: BRC with "Grade A" score and IFS with "Higher Level" score.

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