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Malto tostato BIO

  • Malto tostato BIO
  • Malto tostato BIO

Organic Toasted Malt Flour gives bread a characteristic hazelnut colour, releasing the typical aromas of toasted flours and giving bread a full and unmistakable taste. The enzymatic activity of Organic Toasted Malt allows leavening to be regularised and makes the dough more extensible and workable, guaranteeing an ever crunchy crust.


  • Clean label and organic.

  • It gives bread colour, aroma and toasted taste.


This product is certified by Bio Agricert, the control and certification body for organic cultivation or production products.

Logistic information

Malto tostato BIO

CODE 70071 – available on request

0,5 Kg Packaging

  • Polyester | Polyethylene | PLST | PLT


  • 960 boxes, 10 pieces each
  • 6 layers per pallet
  • 16 boxes per layer

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