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Many people, even if the story handed down in some cases has often turned out to be legend, remember that it was Queen Marie Antoinette of France in 1700 to give the impetus to the consumption of the brioche for their subjects. She certainly could not have imagined that this product, revisited and innovated, would remain over the centuries one of the most popular choices for breakfasts, snacks and daily breaks.

Il Granaio delle Idee offers this famous product, composed of flour, milk, eggs, yeast and butter, which is formulated to make soft sandwiches and braids: Nucleo® Pan Brioche. It does so with its usual natural approach, in contrast to the market trend, because it is a Nucleo® totally free of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (which are hidden behind the abbreviations E471 and E472) and completely palm oil free.

Pan Brioche is a customizable Nucleo®, even with chocolate drops, with an unsurpassed taste and consistency. A good daily habit, to rediscover and maintain unchanged one of the softest, tastiest and fascinating stories related to flour compounds.

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