An excellent "Pizza in teglia" and a tasty “Pinsa Romana” have to be crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside. For this reason, the R&D laboratory of Il Granaio delle Idee has selected the natural improver 3D Enzymes for the following recipes.


"Pizza in teglia" with 3D Enzymes improver


  • 10 Kg flour type "0" 260 W

  • 100 g 3D Enzymes

  • 300 / 400 g brewer's yeast

  • 220 g salt

  • 800 g olive oil

  • 6.5 / 7 l water



Mix the flour, 3D Enzymes, the yeast and 5 l of water with speed 1 for 5 minutes.

Start speed 2, add the remaining water and knead for 10/15 minutes, then add salt and oil. Final temperature of the dough: 26°C.

Leave the dough rest for 15 minutes into a tub.

Divide the dough into 1.2 kg pieces for 60x40 cm trays. Slightly spread the mass without stretching it too much and leave to rise in the cell for 30 minutes at 30°C and a relative humidity of 80%. Roll out the dough a second time, bringing it to the baking tray. If the dough is too stiff and does not reach the edge of the baking tray, do not force the dough and repeat the operation a third time, after 15/20 minutes of further rising.

Once the dough has been brought onto the baking tray, leave to rise for 45 minutes in the oven.

Bake at 210-220° C for 10/15 minutes the base seasoned with tomato or oil.

Pull out of the oven, stuff as desired and bake for 7-8 minutes, until all the ingredients are cooked.


“Pinsa Romana” with 3D Enzymes improver


  • 10 kg wheat flour type 0 270 W

  • 100 g 3D Enzymes

  • 300 g fresh brewer's yeast

  • 250 g salt

  • 400 g of extra virgin olive oil

  • 7 / 7.5 l water



Mix the flour, 3D Enzymes and fresh yeast with 5.5 l of water for 5 minutes at speed 1.

Increase the speed of the kneader and continue kneading until the mass is homogeneous and smooth. Add the remaining water a little at a time and, together with the last drop of water, add the salt. Then add the oil. The dough at speed 2 will last about 10/15 minutes.

Leave to rest in a tub for 15/20 minutes, then break and form strands of about 250 g, without tightening too much.

Leave to rise until the strands have doubled (about 45/60 minutes).

Spread by hand squeezing with your fingertips to give the characteristic elongated shape.

Sprinkle with oil and bake at 300°C for 7 minutes.

Fry as much as you like and finish cooking for 2/3 minutes.