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How can you make breadsticks crisper than ever? With our Nucleo® Sesamino, you're done! Enriched with black sesame and poppy, these breadsticks are all to enjoy!

Below you can find the complete recipe.



  • 5 Kg type "0" wheat flour 240/270 W

  • 5 Kg of Nucleo® Sesamino

  • 300 g fresh brewer's yeast

  • 250 g salt

  • 1 kg lard and 200 g olive oil or 1 l olive oil

  • 6.5 l water



Mix the flour, the Nucleo®, the yeast and 5.5 l of water for 5 minutes with speed 1. Switch to speed 2 and add the remaining water a little at a time. Finally, finish the dough by adding the salt and oil.

Leave the dough rest for 10 minutes on a table previously oiled.

Divide the dough into “tongues” about 10 cm wide and spread them on wooden boards sprinkled with the desired decoration. Leave it to rise for 40 minutes at least.

Cut the tongues into 2-3 cm wide strips. Pass them in the desired decoration and stretch them until you get the breadsticks.

Place the breadsticks on perforated baking trays and steam immediately into the oven. Cook at 170°C for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 150°C and cook for another 10 minutes. Open the steam relief valve halfway through cooking.

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