black sesame and poppy

  • black sesame and poppy

Alongside the line of Nucleos for bakery by Il Granaio delle Idee, there is a line of decorations that allows bread and bakery products to be distinguished.

The Black Sesame and Poppy decoration gives the bread a strong visual impact: the dark color of the seeds, in contrast to the natural warm color of bread and substitutes. These seeds are aromatic and fragrant and give a toasted taste and an extraordinary crispness unexpected to bakery products.

Black Sesame and Poppy have many beneficial properties: Black Sesame contains antioxidants and therefore has anti-aging properties. Poppy seeds, on the other hand, help to keep cholesterol levels low, thus also bringing poisons to the heart and circulatory system.


  • The dark colour of the seeds creates a strong visual impact in contrast to the natural warm colour of the bread.

  • Ideal decoration for brightly coloured and yellow-orange breads, such as Nucleo® Zucca or Nucleo® Curcuma.

Logistic information

black sesame and poppy

COD 201

5 Kg Packaging

  • Food Bag (Paper | Pe HD)

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