Nucleo® 7 + 3

Puccia delle dolomiti

  • Puccia delle dolomiti
  • Puccia delle dolomiti

With rye flour and rye sourdough, this semifinished bakery mix is perfect for making a tasty Puccia bread, the typical bread of the Italian Dolomites. This kind of bread was historically eaten in alpine huts, because it remains fresh for a long time. With this Nucleo® mix for bakery it is possible to produce rye breads with a dark colour and a rye flavour. The rye sourdough gives the baked goods a balanced flavour, made slightly spicy by the presence of fennel seeds, kummel and fenugreek.

How to dose our Nucleo® mix for bakery?

To simplify the work of artisan bakers, the Nucleo® mix dosage on the weight of flour is studied to always obtain 10. In this way it is possible to quickly calculate the right quantity to add to the flour. This Nucleo® has a 7 + 3 dosage: 7 kg of Nucleo® + 3 kg of flour.
  • Natural and clean label Nucleo®.

  • It is ideal for delicious crackers and biscuits too.

Logistic information

Puccia delle dolomiti

COD 3081

10 Kg Packaging

  • Food Bag (Paper | Pe HD)


  • 50 Packs per pallet
  • 9 Layers per pallet
  • 6 Packs per layer

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