Elasten NCC

  • Elasten NCC

This natural improver has been specifically formulated to relax gluten, to give extensibility and malleability to the dough. It makes the production process easier, eliminating rest time between the different steps of production and minimizing waste. Elasten NCC is a versatile product and its dosage can be customized according to your needs.


  • Natural and clean label improver

  • It relaxes gluten naturally, for greater extensibility.


This product is certified by Halal Global, the Halal Product Control and Certification Body.

Logistic information

Elasten NCC

Cod 139 NCC

25 kg Packaging

  • Food bag (Paper | Pe HD)  


  • 20 Packs per pallet
  • 7 Layers per pallet
  • 3 Packs per layer

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